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What are the different types of charges while buying a Flat?

Time : 10 minutes to Read

Ever experienced? you have visited a residential project for buying a Flat and came back disappointed because cost which was mentioned to you was just a Basic Cost, but there are so many other costs associated with a Purchase, which… Continue Reading →

PMAY Scheme & Housing loan (Pradhan Mantri Awas yojana)

Time : 2 minutes to Read

PMAY: Central govt with a mission in mind “Housing for all” has implemented PMAY scheme from June 2015, which grants subsidy to home buyers, when they avail a housing loan from Banks/NBFC. This scheme is valid for new home purchase… Continue Reading →

Does Covid-19 made us realised importance of owning a home?

Time : 4 minutes to Read

In the current scenario, the safest place on earth is your home. This statement is not overrated, but a reality. Covid-19 has bought the world to a stand still with major portion of the population staying indoors to prevent themselves… Continue Reading →

Comprehensive Real-estate dictionary for first time home buyers or seasoned real-estate investors

Time : 15 minutes to Read

On an average, an Individual may invest in real-estate once in his life time & seasoned investors may invest 4-5 times, thus it may so happen that they are not well averse with all the terms related to real-estate, which… Continue Reading →

Why Location plays an important role in Real-estate Purchase?

Time : 6 minutes to Read

There are 3 Important parameters which needs to be considered while buying a Flat or a Land. These are Location, Location & Location. Location is everything, when it comes to real-estate purchase, whether for self-residence or from Investment point of… Continue Reading →

Why Hyderabad is the best city to live or Invest?

Time : 6 minutes to Read

Hyderabad: Hyderabad, the city of pearls & world famous for its biryani – Old Saying. Hyderabad, the city of IT Hub & still World famous for its biryani – New Outlook. Yes!! You have heard it right. Hyderabad, is the… Continue Reading →


Time : 5 minutes to Read

RERA stands for Real-Estate Regulatory authority. This act  makes it mandatory for all commercial and residential real estate project, where the land is over  600 Sq Yards, or eight apartments, to register with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) for launching… Continue Reading →

Housing Loan made easy (All about bank loan requirement)

Time : 5 minutes to Read

Congratulations!! If you have been able to finally choose a house which suits your requirement. We understand, how painful is to choose the house from various options in the market & if you have already gone through it, Kudos! …. Continue Reading →

Trends From The Indian Real Estate Market

Time : 3 minutes to Read

Real-estate sector is the backbone of any economy globally and this will continue to be true in upcoming decade. It comprises of four segments i.e. housing segment, retail space, hospitality industry and commercial spaces. Growth of real-estate depends on few… Continue Reading →

Check out these Important Points Before Moving into New House

Time : 4 minutes to Read

Moving into another house is an educational encounter that can be sensational just as trying. Nonetheless, the energy of moving into another house is regularly defaced by the thorough arranging, pressing and afterward unloading that the moving includes. However, we… Continue Reading →

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