In the current scenario, the safest place on earth is your home. This statement is not overrated, but a reality. Covid-19 has bought the world to a stand still with major portion of the population staying indoors to prevent themselves & others from catching the contagion Corona Virus.   This has made people realised the advantages of living in an own flat or house rather than living in a rented premise in times of uncertainties. Apart from those owning a flat for residence, even real-estate investors are tilting towards buying a property (Residential or Commercial) to bring in stability in their portfolio. With Stock prices falling or being highly volatile, it can be the riskiest investment where even capital may be compromised, leave apart returns earned on investment.

We have listed here some of the advantages of owning a home under Covid-19 & aftermath:

1. Peacefully quarantined in your own home gives needed relief in tough situation.

2. EMI’s on home loan can be deferred by govt actions, whereas postponing your rent payments can give you bad vibes. You can also face pressure with Owner for late payments. Moreover, EMI is adding to your investment, whereas rental is a pure expense.

3. Within an intention to boost real-estate & bring comfort to home buyers, RBI is reducing repo rate, which has made home loan interest lowest in a decade. This would reduce your monthly EMI outflow too.

4. Buying a property can be one of the ways to safeguard your principal amount & even earn rentals on the property. Investing in stock markets can wipe off your savings.

5. Housing loan Interest & Principal can be deducted from your annual income under appropriate head & up to specified levels, thus leading to savings in Income tax.

6. Reduced prices by real-estate developers to increase sales will give good opportunity for home buyers to book a flat & save lots of money. Many top-grade developers are coming with different scheme such as Fixed Cash back offer, 100% Guaranteed Cancellation option & reduced prices to lure home buyers to buy with them.

7. Uncertainties in the globe has created sufficient panic among NRI’s to own a place in India, this would result in spike in demand from NRI home buyer, resulting in growth of industry & rise in home prices.

8. People who were holding their decision to buy properties will also take seriousness in finalizing a deal, thus leading to spike in demand & price.

9. Since new project launches would be deferred by developers, this would create pressure on existing inventory of flats, thus raising prices in time to come.

Possible trends in real-estate due to Covid-19:

1. Home loan buyers will look for projects which satisfy 3 needs of them (Utility, Safety & Emotional needs)

2. People may look towards smart homes, which have office rooms, which facilitates smooth work from home.

3. Future projects may offer Co-working facilities, within club houses of the society.

4. Flats with natural ventilations will be preferred to deal with needed or imposed stay at home norms.

5. Top end developer will see a spike in demands due to trust among buyers.

6. Adoption of advance technology by real-estate players to showcase projects to customer digitally using 3D views, Project Videos, Model flat Videos, seamless online payment system & digital receipts.

Statutory Intervention needed to boost real-estate sector:

1. Restructuring /Moratorium of business loans, to ease pressure on businessman.

2. Lower ROI on home loan & Interest subvention schemes

3. Tax rates can be further reduced

4. Housing loan rebates on second/Rented properties to be further increased

5. Tax exemption to business into co-living or co working spaces.

Views on Economy in General:

1. Economy will bounce back in 1 or 2 quarters.

2. Right time to invest in real-estate, positive consumer sentiments.

3. India can write a growth story by making India a Global manufacturing hub.

4. Indians optimism will be deciding the bright future ahead. 

5. India will be the biggest gainer post Covid-19.

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