There are 3 Important parameters which needs to be considered while buying a Flat or a Land. These are Location, Location & Location. Location is everything, when it comes to real-estate purchase, whether for self-residence or from Investment point of view. Even though, budget is one of the criteria while making purchase decision, but people tend to give more preference to Location & may even extend their budget to get the right location.

Below are few of the points, which needs to be considered while deciding about the location of the property:

  • Current & Upcoming Development:

Buyer should see not only current development in the location like roads, Public Gardens, Sports & Medical Infrastructure, residential communities, but also future expected developments in the locality. Apartments for sale in Gachibowli or Apartments for sale in Kondapur can be perfect example for current developments. Similarly Flats for sale in Kokapet or Flats for sale in Narsingi can be example for upcoming development locality.

  • Proximity to Schools & Colleges:

Best education of children is one of the top priorities of most of the families. While deciding on the property, buyer has to considered Educational facilities in the nearby facilities, it not only saves Children’s time travelling between Residence to Schools or Colleges, but also add lot of convenience to parents to manage their child education. Location, which has multiple schooling options can be one of the deciding factors. Online platforms provide tools, to know the nearby amenities such as schools & health care, is one such platform.

  • Closer to Entertainment Services:

After a tiring week, dining at nearby Restaurant, visiting nearest mall for shopping, enjoying latest movie or playing fulfilled games are few of the best things you can do. However, with every1 wanting to do the same, roads became chaotic & so too driving. But, if you have all the facilities very near to your residence, it can turn to be a pleasant experience. Properties with such nearby facilities, comes at a premium, but they are worth it.

  • Health Care facility:

Falling sick can be daunting & with people immunity falling, its very common for family members to fall sick frequently. It needs medical attention. Seeking medical care will not be too much of burden, it you don’t have to travel too much to get it. It adds lot of convenience to stay near to top care Health care facilities for routine check, frequent illness or emergency services.

  • Distance to Place of Work:

After tiring day at office, least people expect is to reach to their place with an ease. However, with never ending traffic on roads, expectations take a big hit. However, if your residence it closer to Financial or IT hubs, it can add lot of convenience in travelling. It will make using public transport affordable & also, it will make using own transportation an easy task. The less time you spend in traffic, the more you can spend with your family. Time spent with family will be more precious than extra premium paid on nearby projects.

  • Residential Zone:

Properties located in residential zones adds convenience. Finding a nearby grocery store or public garden, can be easy. With no permitted commercial activity (Factories/Industries) in the locality, Noise, Smoke & Water pollution can be avoided.

  • Future Prospect:

With all the above things taken care, selling a property can be an easy task. But what if you don’t find justifiable appreciation on your real-estate purchase. At the end of the day, people invest in real-estate, not just with a sole purpose of residence, but also from Investment point of view. It may so happen that, you may have to move to different Country or State or City for which you decided to sell your property. To have a friendly exit from the property, you have to see the future prospects before investing. Future prospects depend on Location.

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